IBM 600GB 10K RPM 2.5″ 6.0Gbps SAS Hard Drive



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The amount of information that is gathered and stored by businesses continues to grow exponentially. In addition to the demand for increased storage, there are increasing requirements to quickly and effectively store and access data. Today, conventional hard disk drives and solid-state storage technology are utilized to achieve specific objectives within the data center. Conventional hard disk drives continue to be the most common storage media offering high density and basic performance in a cost-effective solution. Solid-state storage solutions enable businesses to achieve optimal input/output (IO) through variable read/write capabilities for performance-intensive applications and workloads.
IBM is now offering a new technology: hybrid drives. These drives combine a cache of NAND flash and conventional media to accelerate hard disk drive performance – enabling higher IO performance while leveraging the capacity and cost of spinning media for primary storage. IBM is introducing 6 Gbps SAS 2.5-inch G2HS and G2SS hybrid drives – the first generation of hybrid drives from IBM.
600 GB performance characteristics include:


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